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With over twenty years expierence with Irish terrriers including imports from Australia and the U.K. We can assure you that we are deffinitely one of the leading breeders of Irish Terriers in New Zealand.

New Zealand Champion Blarney

Blarney, New Zealand Champion Dog!

This stunning dog embodies the best of English and Australian bloodlines. He is producing puppies with quality, movement, and wonderful temperaments.

English and New Zealand Champion

Ern, English and New Zealand Champion!

'Ern', who was imported by myself (Dorothy Horne) and Erica Roismar, has contributed immeasurably to the Australasian gene pool, now his grandchildren and great grandchildren are starting to make their mark in the show ring. The blending of Ern's bloodlines, with those of New Zealand Champion 'Blarney' has proved to be an excellent move.